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What Makes a Good Training?

What makes a good training course? That is not an easy question to answer and there are many aspects to consider.

There is no doubt that with the growth of Internet and computer technologies, personal training has never been more important to all individuals and professionals wanting to keep up with the industry.

What to look out for:

  • Technical expertise.

In order to run a training course on a particular topic, the training provider should be competent, professional, and experienced within the specific field.

  • Training material.

The written material is also key to its success. Rather than expecting participants to write lots of notes, loosing track from the topics, the best courses are those that supply a comprehensive training handbook and other adequate supporting material that participants can refer to once they leave the course.

  • Adaptability.

The aims of the training should be carefully assessed to provide the most accurate program. By determining precisely what participants expect from the training it is possible to focus on what is most important and work on practical and tailor-made exercises.

  • Class size.

It is essential that the class size is manageable. Each participant should have access to all the relevant equipment and receive the attention they deserve. Often the bigger the class size the poorer the results. For companies, it is far better to send a number of smaller groups than to expect a trainer to teach a large group of participants (this also reduces the impact on the business by having a large number of people away from the office at once). A maximum of about 6 participants is ideal.

  • Class homogeneity.

For a better result all participants should be of a similar skill level to avoid frustration from either having to wait or being left behind.

  • After-course care.

Many training providers assume that once a particular training is over, it is the end of their relationship with the participants. However, offering an ongoing service that lasts beyond the course completion is the sign of quality from the training company. Some companies offer a post-course technical support service and a comprehensive consultancy service.

In short, good trainings rely on the trainer to assess the participants’ level, set the target/s, give clear explanations, provide practical exercises and encourage interaction within the group. These are the main keys to making training a great and useful experience.

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